Community building with digital campaign winners!

Community building is one of the ACS strategic pillars. Rain or shine, the team has been visiting the recent Digital Campaign winning teams – HKALPS (VESSEL), YWCA Tin Library and St. Augustine Youth Association to learn more about their marketing goals, challenges and specific campaign objectives. The digital marketing agencies listened in and shared the valuable insights to better position future digital marketing plans for success. It was a great collaborative and learning time with all the impact makers.
一連三日,風雨不改。建立社群是ACS的核心目標之一,我們JC ENGAGE走訪三間獲獎機構——香港藝土民間(發現號)、香港基督教女青年會天拉吧和思定會,與他們親身會面,了解機構的營銷目標和當前難題。合作的專業數碼營銷團隊為各機構逐一分析營銷現況和解答疑難,設計未來幾星期的營銷計劃,度過了充實而獲益良多的清晨和白晝!