Building Stronger Social Capital in the Community through Volunteerism!

It is a great honour to have been supported by skills-based volunteers bringing in different perspectives and digital marketing advices to improve and transform the social sector through the JC ENGAGE program. Thanks to all our passionate volunteers who joined hands and heads with us in serving the community. Let’s take a look at what motivates them:
• Great intentionality to care for the marginalised in society.
• Their passion, heart and spirit of supporting people in need.
• The organization’s vision aligned with the services provided.
非常榮幸一直以來得到不同行業的知識型義工支持,通過 JC ENGAGE 為社福界帶來不同觀點和數碼營銷建議。要建立非牟利機構的社會資本,連繫專業領域人士、各界互相支持至關重要,感謝對服務社區充滿熱情的義工,齊來看看什麼原因驅使他們繼續參與JC ENGAGE:
• 關懷社會邊緣群體的心
• 機構的熱情、愛心和支持有需要的人
• 機構願景與提供的服務貫徹始終