Video Storytelling Series – Christian Concern for The Homeless Association

What comes to your mind when you first heard of ‘homelessness’ ? Unstable and Unsafe? In fact, ‘homelessness’ is more of a current state than an identity and those in this state require an opportunity to move out.
Christian Concern for the Homeless Association (CCHA) shares the same value and provides the homeless with not only a shelter but also means to develop various essential skills. It’s essential for CCHA to leverage the techniques of video storytelling and digital marketing to better raise public awareness and engage the community to action, so that the homeless can REBUILD their life, RECONSTRUCT their family and REKINLDE their hope.✨ We have been privileged to be part of this journey through our programs.
基督教關懷無家者協會(CCHA)擁有相同的概念,他們並不只是為無家者提供一個居所,而是給予方法讓他們學習更多新事物。CCHA 更應利用影片故事營銷及數碼營銷技巧來提升公眾意識,並與社區一起採取行動,讓無家者可以重建生命,重修家庭,重燃盼望。✨我們有幸通過我們的計劃成爲這旅程的一部分。

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