NGO Video Storytelling for Impact

All NGOs have impact stories to tell and videos are a powerful medium to be effective. 12 NGO teams alongside our dedicated and professional volunteers, judges and speakers have marked the highlight of the JC Engage journey at the pitch session. It was a great chance to also share and learn from the teams.
Special congratulations to Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, SENsational Foundation and Soul Alliance, for winning this round of JC ENGAGE Video Storytelling Series! 👏👏👏
As we all collaborate and leverage video storytelling, we can all have a better understanding of the good works of the NGO in the community, unveil deeper insights into social challenges and nurture a more empathetic Hong Kong.
Some key nuggets from our panelists:
“Appeal to personal feelings with simple testimonials.”
-Debbie Li, Post Production Supervisor
“Keep it simple and be specific in your message.”
-Willde Ng, Hong Kong renowned art, creative and commercial film director
“Always think about three magic ingredients: sympathy, empathy and critical call-to-action.”
-Eric Sampson, Forward Focus Consulting
“Real stories built on empathy would really catch your audience.”
-Irene Tsui, Mindshare Hong Kong, Managing Director
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故事影片是一種有力的傳播媒介,12 隊非牟利機構與我們的專業義工、評委和講者一起,成為 JC Engage之旅的亮點。這是一個與團隊分享和學習的好機會。
恭喜香港仁人家園、心靈力量及SENsational Foundation成為我們的JC ENGAGE故事影片營銷工作坊的得獎者!👏👏👏在此亦感謝所有非牟利機構、義工、評審團及講者在工作坊上付出的巨大努力。
Debbie Li, 後期製作監督
Willde Ng, 香港著名藝術、創意及電影導演
Eric Sampson, Forward Focus Consulting
Irene Tsui, Mindshare Hong Kong, 董事總經理
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