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Elevating the game of NGO stakeholder communications is a long journey that we can’t do alone. Your support in any of these following roles will be extremely helpful:

Pro-bono Curriculum Development Team

Pro-bono Outreach Team

Digital Media Service Provider

Branding & Digital Marketing Service Provider

If you share the same vision as us, let us know. We would love to hear about your passion!

Our Community

At JC ENGAGE, we believe in the power of communities and networks. Our programs have been carefully designed and delivered by non-profit professionals and industry subject matter experts to bring to our community the best experience and learning objectives. Our partners share a common aspiration and vision to provide results-oriented programs in our experiential workshops 

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following supporting organizations who have kindly supported our work through pro-bono services to us and the JC ENGAGE Community. 

Accenture Interactive
Astera Asia
Asia Insight Circle
BlueCurrent Group
Brunswick Hong Kong
Creative Consulting Group
Create & Yay!
Dashpoint Management
Deloitte Foundation
HandsOn Hong Kong
Hong Kong Red Cross
Jervois 1
La Rouge Productions
Social Career
Start Some Good
Umadx Hong Kong
and so on

Production Partners

We have set the stage for NGOs in Hong Kong to tell their stories. With the support of our production partners, creative professionals transform story concepts into actual videos. We would like to extend our gratitude to our production partners for their professionalism in communicating the wonderful work the NGOs do through these impactful videos.

Astera Asia
Beeline Pro 蜂創作
Connect Creative
DejaVu Creative
DOCU HK Company Limited
Eighty Eight Pixels Limited
Engagement First limited
Framework Creative
GoDream Media
Horizon Creative
Media Studio Hong Kong Limited
New Century Marketing
Showalker Studio
WeLove Production
YY Workshop Production

Completion Report

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