Use storytelling to cut through the crowded media noise

Information overload! With so much available today, it’s very difficult for NGOs to generate awareness and get their message heard. There are countless campaigns running and many worthy causes fighting for a share of voice every day. Compelling storytelling is essential to help you breakthrough the crowded media environment.

Learning objectives

  • Appreciate what makes a campaign message clear and effective
  • Understand why having a strategy is so important for any creative work
  • Define what your campaign objectives are
  • Where to start your communication campaign?
  • Get inspired by outstanding example of successful marketing campaign


  • Challenges in delivering a compelling message
  • Structuring your NGO brand
  • Reveal what the influencing factors are – with 9 successful NGO video examples
  • Best Practice of Social Media

Know your presenters

Chris Kyme JC ENGAGE Speaker

Chris Kyme

Co-Founder & Creative Director at KymeChow

Chris has worked in advertising for over 30 years, starting as a copywriter with FCB London in the early 1980s (true to popular advertising legend, his career actually began in the mailroom).


Jack Cheyette

Producer at MerchantCantos

Jack develops content for clients across platforms in a range of formats. He has experience producing films for an investor audiences including for financial results, IPOs and M&A, as well as animations, mini- documentaries, brand films, drama and content for employee engagement and recruitment as part of wider integrated campaigns.

Antoine Soussaline - JC ENGAGE Speaker

Antoine Soussaline

Partner at Brunswick Group

Antoine started his career in London working for a large network agency, and also worked in the US and Argentina in digital marketing for large Tech companies.

With a cross-sector experience ranging from aerospace to energy, entertainment and healthcare, Antoine has supported clients in a number of high-profile activism battles, cyber-related crisis situations, and helped senior executives position themselves online.

Session videos

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