Video Storytelling
A digital imperative for every NGO

One-on-one consultancy from communication professionals

13 hours of video storytelling learning and workshops

HK$ 60,000 worth of professional video services

Why Video Storytelling?

The JC Engage Digital Program aims to empower Hong Kong NGOs with essential resources and skills to engage with your audience effectively and amplify your social impact.

Through our program, we will help you translate your organization’s key strategic objectives into a marketing message that you can readily deliver to your audience. We strongly believe that NGOs can harness the power of video storytelling to cut through the crowded media environment, to get your voices heard and bring in the support you need to further advance your cause. The course also offers practical video making tips to help NGOs get started.

Learning Milestones

Learning Objectives

  • Planning and telling a meaningful story
  • Producing an impactful video
  • Using video stories as part of your NGO strategy, and
  • Leveraging more stories into your communications campaign.

Online Learning Module

  • Introduction to video storytelling
  • Quick win video storytelling
  • Talking head stories
  • Process stories
  • Impact stories

Live Learning Module

  • Objective setting
  • Key messages development
  • Strategic storytelling development 
  • Channel & distribution 


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Awarded Storytelling Videos

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