Past Series

Digital Marketing for NGOs

Corporate communication

We defined what corporate communication means in an NGO context with some essential communication tools to shape your key organizational messages.

NGOs need to be clear about the purpose of their organization and razor sharp in channeling the right amount of information to a myriad of stakeholders, including their beneficiaries, present and future donors, volunteers, and strategic partners. Storytelling does more than communicate information. It is also a way of branding in the non-profit sector that strengthens operational competence and garners support.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what corporate communications means in a non-profit context
  • Practice how to define your message at an organization level, using the ‘Message house’ framework
  • Learn how to stratify your audience, identify message delivery channels and re-use core messages for different audiences
  • Develop a story structure for your corporate communication

Volunteer recruitment

We gave tips on not just volunteer recruitment but also volunteer retainment and engagement.

According to a SCMP study, “7 in 10 people in Hong Kong intended to volunteer, but only 3 had pitched in over the past 12 months”. Why is this happening and how can we engage volunteers better?

Learning objectives:

  • Better understand volunteer recruitment in the digital age
  • Analyze the needs of your volunteer audience
  • Learn how to segment your audience and identify their respective communication channels
  • Define and clarify your organizations message, tailor it to your audience


JC engage crowdfunding workshop

We demystified what crowdfunding is and isn’t so your organization can gain more insights to execute an effective campaign.

Did you know that less than 15% of crowdfunding campaigns successfully reach their targets? How can NGOs best leverage crowdfunding to advance their social cause and impact? It all starts with understanding the essence of your communities and knowing how to build emotional connections between your cause and your supporters.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about what is and isn’t crowdfunding
  • Get insights about the key elements (5Cs) of a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Go through the thought process for planning a campaign
  • Develop a story structure for your project message
  • Acquire the basic knowledge required to kick start your organization’s campaign

Beneficiary Outreach

JC engage series outreach

We helped NGOs identify what beneficiaries need, who they are and how to connect with them through effective communication strategies.

You may have a great vision and a top-notch team supporting your programs, but do your beneficiaries know and understand your organizations offering and value? To connect more deeply with them and maximize your impact, strong storytelling is vital to helping all beneficiaries gain a profound understanding of your mission and services.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about best practices for communicating with beneficiaries
  • Analyze the needs of your volunteer audience
  • Understand the different touchpoints for your beneficiaries
  • Learn how to segment your audience and identify the respective delivery channels
  • Define and clarify your organization message

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