Why Video Storytelling?

Nonprofits need to influence behavior change across many different stakeholders. Leveraging video to tell stories is becoming more important than ever to reach, engage and connect with your target audience in today’s overloaded information world. The JC Engage Digital Program aims to empower Hong Kong NGOs with essential resources and skills to engage with your audience effectively and amplify your social impact. Through our program, we will help you translate your organization’s key strategic objectives into a marketing message that you can readily deliver to your audience. We strongly believe that NGOs can harness the power of video storytelling to cut through the crowded media environment, to get your voices heard and bring in the support you need to further advance your cause. The course also offers practical video making tips to help NGOs get started.

The Design of Video Storytelling

Our program is designed by experienced communications professionals who have been working extensively with NGOs. The course curriculum team includes Treena Nairne, a communications consultant and executive coach, with over 25 years of experience in media, publishing and corporate communications in international markets and John Jamison, an organizational behavior researcher at HKUST, who has over 15 years of corporate communications experience serving large corporations and small, local NGOs. You will also hear from other experts in the field.

Learning Objectives

  • Planning and telling a meaningful story
  • Producing an impactful video
  • Using video stories as part of your NGO strategy, and
  • Leveraging more stories into your communications campaign.

Online Learning Module

  • Introduction to video storytelling
  • Quick win video storytelling
  • Talking head stories
  • Process stories
  • Impact stories

Live Learning Module​

  • Objective setting
  • Key messages development
  • Strategic storytelling development 
  • Channel & distribution 


NGO teams who have 1) completed the e-Learning and 2) attended the Workshop are required to submit a video and a project brief to participate in the pitch competition. Participants will compete to win a professional video production service worth HKD60,000 to implement the video production for their organizations.


  • The pitch is strictly time-constrained to a maximum of 3 minutes, followed by a 3 mins Q&A from the judging panel.
  • There should be no more than 2 presenters to pitch.
  • The presenter(s) can pitch in either Cantonese or English.
  • NGO teams are welcome to use PowerPoint presentation and other supplementary materials.


  • Judges will watch your video and read your brief before the pitch competition.
  • The pitch needs to demonstrate a well thought out story that would help your organization to effectively reach out to your audience and achieve your objectives.
  • The pitch should talk about the organization’s objectives, key message, and a description of its video and content.

The implementation

Each team will work through a highly structured template leading towards organization storytelling and the chance to pitch for a professional video budget. No one walks away empty-handed. NGOs who demonstrate excellent readiness and commitment will be awarded with a professional video production team to go through the 7-8 weeks implementation phrase to bring your video to life.