Engage 1.0 (2018 - 2020)
Learn about our past Digital Marketing for NGOs series and workshops

Engage 1.0: Digital marketing series


Did you know that less than 15% of crowdfunding campaigns successfully reach their targets? How can NGOs best leverage crowdfunding to advance their social cause and impact? It all starts with understanding the essence of your communities and knowing how to build emotional connections between your cause and your supporters.

+ In this series, we demystified what crowdfunding is and isn’t so your organization can gain more insights to execute an effective campaign.

JC engage series outreach

Beneficiary Outreach

You may have a great vision and a top-notch team supporting your programs, but do your beneficiaries know and understand your organizations offering and value? To connect more deeply with them and maximize your impact, strong storytelling is vital to helping all beneficiaries gain a profound understanding of your mission and services.

+ In this series, we are helped NGOs identify what beneficiaries need, who they are and how to connect with them through effective communication strategies.

Corporate communication

NGOs need to be clear about the purpose of their organization and razor sharp in channeling the right amount of information to a myriad of stakeholders, including their beneficiaries, present and future donors, volunteers, and strategic partners. Storytelling does more than communicate information. It is also a way of branding in the non-profit sector that strengthens operational competence and garners support.

+ In this series, we defined what corporate communication means in an NGO context with some essential communication tools to shape your key organizational messages.

Volunteer recruitment

According to a SCMP study, “7 in 10 people in Hong Kong intended to volunteer, but only 3 had pitched in over the past 12 months”. Why is this happening and how can we engage volunteers better?

+ In this series, we gave tips on not just volunteer recruitment but also volunteer retainment and engagement.

Past speakers

Tom Dawkins

Co-founder and CEO at StartSomeGood.com

Tom’s pioneering work in the non-profit space has been recognized with numerous accolades including Innovator of the Year Award by the Nexus Summit and the innovation award at the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA). Tom is also frequently featured in the press in publications such as the Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald as well as regularly commenting on shows on the ABC Network, etc.

Treena Nairne

Director at Dashpoint Management

Treena Nairne is a communications consultant and executive coach, with 25+ years’ experience in media, publishing and corporate communications in international markets.

Yuri van der Leest

Senior Vice President at Teneo

Yuri van der Leest is a Senior Vice President with Teneo Strategy. Yuri works closely with Asia-based and global clients across the asset management, investment banking, real estate investment, fintech, legal and art sectors. He is practised in developing thought leadership to support client marketing and communications across diverse subjects of relevance to Asia and global markets.

Sue Toomey

Executive Director at HandsOn Hong Kong

Sue Toomey has more than 20 years of experience, running businesses and championing global causes. As the Executive Director of HandsOn Hong Kong, Sue’s focus is to develop the strategic direction and lead her team, in order to mobilize and empower the community to volunteer.

Matthew Tam

CEO and Co-founder at Social Career

Matthew has been dedicating his past 3 years on encouraging the general public to volunteer and get involved in social causes, as well as service activities. His non-profit organization and tech startup, Social Career, is a new and innovative volunteer recruitment and management platform.

Elly Zhen

US certified Social Emotional Learning Trainer

Elly Zhen Ying is a US certified Social Emotional Learning Trainer with nearly 10 years of experience. Her over 3000 trainees are from more than 100 cities in and out of China. She has also written, edited, and translated 9 books on education and psychology, including “Children, The Challenge”, “The Psychology in the Classroom”, and “Positive Discipline for Children with Special Needs”. 

John Jamison

Organizational Behavior Researcher at HKUST

John is a Research Postgraduate at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Business School researching organizational behavior. Before returning to academia, he worked for 15 years in corporate communication serving large corporations and small, local NGOs. John has delivered storytelling and communication training to corporate leaders, communication managers, and NGO workers.

Patrick Eastwood

Partner & Head of Asia at MerchantCantos

Before joining MerchantCantos, Patrick was a board director of Fishburn in London (part of AMV BBDO, the world’s most creatively awarded advertising agency) where he led the branding and design part of the agency advising clients including Barclays, Nokia, Prudential, SABMiller and Standard Chartered Bank on branding, sustainability and employee engagement.

Hayden Li

Agilist at Accenture Interactive

Hayden is an Agilist with 10 years of experience in the digital and technology-related field. Currently, working as a consultant providing workshops and coaching services to multiple enterprises related to agile and product development training.


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