Engage 2.0
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Engage 2.0 series

Video Storytelling

MAY 2022

Experience and Learnings:

  • Realize the importance of video storytelling in the digital world
  • Understand the components of a communication strategy
  • Learn how to plan and tell an effective and powerful story
  • Start producing an impactful short video
  • Get help from our skill-based corporate volunteers to bounce ideas and obtain new perspectives
  • Get a chance to win a video production service on your NGO’s story

Digital Campaign

SATURDAY, JAN 22, 2021 (9:30 AM – 4PM)

Experience & Learnings:

  • Understand the essentials of the digital landscape
  • Learn the basics of data for your campaign
  • Plan your our organization video marketing
  • Start executing successful digital campaign
  • Tap into digital professionals to uplift your abilities
  • Win a campaign budget for your organization

Curriculum Team

John Jamison

Organizational Behavior Researcher at HKUST

John is a research postgraduate at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Business School researching organizational behavior. Before returning to academia, he worked for 15 years in corporate communication serving large corporations and small, local NGOs. John has delivered storytelling and communication training to corporate leaders, communication managers, and NGO workers.

Treena Nairne

Director at Dashpoint Management

Treena Nairne is a communications consultant and executive coach, with 25+ years’ experience in media, publishing and corporate communications in international markets.

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JC ENGAGE 2.0 Series

Video StorytellingDigital Campaign