Why Digital Campaign?

Currently, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage digital marketing as a tool to communicate with an organization’s stakeholders.  In ENGAGE 2.0’s digital campaign series, we will provide training to Hong Kong NGO partners on digital marketing planning, channel and content strategies, data gathering, and drive their digital campaign execution plans to effectively reach out to and connect with your target audience.  We aim to empower Hong Kong NGOs with the ability to plan, analyse, and execute your digital campaigns to effectively and sustainably communicate with your stakeholders over the long-run.  During your digital campaign journey with us, we will spearhead your digital campaign efforts and lead you on the most promising road to arrive at your desired destination, right into your stakeholder’s hearts. 

The Design of Digital Marketing

This digital campaign journey was carefully mapped out by a small group of experienced digital marketing, sales, strategy and communication professionals, each with a depth of experience in their specialty.  Jelyn Advincula, a digital campaign expert with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, channel strategy, email marketing and social media.  Genevieve Wong, specializing in sales and communication to major corporations and Norbert Woo, a strategy expert wearing many hats, including product, marketing, finance and operations.  Finally, we have Treena Nairne, our volunteer resident expert, a communications consultant and executive coach with over 25 years of experience in media, publishing and corporate communications in international markets.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a meaningful content piece
  • Producing a campaign brief
  • Making decisions based on data gathering and analysis
  • Planning and executing a long-term digital marketing strategy

Online Learning Module

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Fundamentals of data-driven decision making
  • Introduction to the marketing funnel and how it is digitally relevant
  • Introduction to data metrics and tracking data

Live Learning Module​

  • Setting campaign objectives the SMART way
  • Audience persona development
  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Data strategy and analytics



NGO teams who have 1) submitted the pre-workshop data sheet, 2) completed the e-Learning and 3) attended the workshop are required to submit a campaign brief and a piece of content to participate in the pitch competition.  Participants will compete to win a professional marketing campaign service worth HKD30,000 to kickstart or fuel their existing digital marketing efforts.  


  • The pitch is restricted to a maximum of 3 minutes, followed by 2 minutes Q&A from the judging panel.
  • There should be no more than 2 presenters to pitch.
  • The presenter(s) can either pitch in Cantonese or English.
  • NGO teams are welcome to use PowerPoint to pitch as well as any other supplementary materials.


  • Judges will read your post and your campaign brief before the pitch competition.
  • The pitch needs to demonstrate a well thought out story that would help your organization to effectively reach out to your audience and achieve your objectives.
  • The pitch should talk about the organization’s objectives, key message, and how a professional marketing campaign can help support your cause.

The Implementation

During your journey with us, each team will work through a highly structured series of worksheets which leads you to create your campaign brief and the chance to pitch for a professional marketing service. No one walks away empty-handed. NGOs who demonstrate excellent readiness and commitment will be awarded with a professional digital marketing agency to go through the 4-8 weeks implementation phrase to bring your campaign to life.