Program Overview
JC ENGAGE offers digital marketing courses and workshops for NGOs in Hong Kong powered by industry professionals

Empowering NGOs to connect more deeply and more often with stakeholders

Digital marketing and communications in the modern world is a tall order with so much information that begs for our attention. Being razor focused on your target audience is more important than ever. Coupled with powerful storytelling techniques, it is essential to cut through the buzz. JC ENGAGE is here to help NGO leaders ‘peel the onion’ of your stakeholder groups so you can better engage them to become key supporters of your organization’s social cause.

Engage 2.0 is here

Digital marketing is imperative for all nonprofit organizations. We are excited about the program launch as much as you are.

If you can’t wait to explore with us, check out the excellent content from ENGAGE 1.0, which you can view on our Series page. You can also visit the NGO Stories page to get inspired by other organizations.

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Engage 1.0: Digital marketing series

JC engage crowdfunding workshop


Did you know that less than 15% of crowdfunding campaigns successfully reach their targets? How can NGOs best leverage crowdfunding to advance their social cause and impact? It all starts with understanding the essence of your communities and knowing how to build emotional connections between your cause and your supporters.

+ In this series, we are demystifying what crowdfunding is and isn’t so your organization can gain more insights to execute an effective campaign.

Corporate communication

NGOs need to be clear about the purpose of their organization and razor sharp in channeling the right amount of information to a myriad of stakeholders, including their beneficiaries, present and future donors, volunteers, and strategic partners. Storytelling does more than communicate information. It is also a way of branding in the non-profit sector that strengthens operational competence and garners support.

+ In this series, we are going to define what corporate communication means in an NGO context with some essential communication tools to shape your key organizational messages.

Volunteer recruitment

According to a recent SCMP study, “7 in 10 people in Hong Kong intended to volunteer, but only 3 had pitched in over the past 12 months”. Why is this happening and how can we engage volunteers better?

+ In this series, we are giving you tips on not just volunteer recruitment but also volunteer retainment and engagement.

JC engage series outreach

Beneficiary Outreach

 You may have a great vision and a top-notch team supporting your programs, but do your beneficiaries know and understand your organizations offering and value? To connect more deeply with them and maximize your impact, strong storytelling is vital to helping all beneficiaries gain a profound understanding of your mission and services.

+ In this series, we are helping you identify what beneficiaries need, who they are and how to connect with them through effective communication strategies.