Expand and Maximize your campaigns through Crowdfunding

How can crowdfunding help NGOs maximize their impacts? While many people may be interested in your cause, creating a strong emotional connection will drive them to directly support your organization. A good story can help build those emotional connections between your cause and supporters, widening your funding base for more successful campaigns.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about what is and isn’t crowdfunding
  • Get insights about the key elements (5Cs) of a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Go through the thought process for planning a campaign
  • Develop a story structure for your project message
  • Acquire the basic knowledge required to kick start your organization’s campaign


  • The 5 essential elements of successfully crowdfunding campaigns
  • How to carefully choose your community
  • Crowdfunding: personas & targeted outreach
  • Crowdfunding channels & outreach tactics

Know your presenter

Tom Dawkins JC Engage speaker

Tom Dawkins

Co-founder and CEO at

Tom’s pioneering work in the non-profit space has been recognized with numerous accolades including Innovator of the Year Award by the Nexus Summit and the innovation award at the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA). Tom is also frequently featured in the press in publications such as the Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald as well as regularly commenting on shows on the ABC Network, etc.

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