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Digital marketing and storytelling workshops for non-profit organizations in Hong Kong.

Upskill your NGO's digital marketing capabilities

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Our Program Series

In ENGAGE’s digital campaign series, we provide training to Hong Kong NGO partners on digital marketing planning, channel and content strategies, data gathering, and drive their digital campaign execution plans to effectively reach out to and connect with their target audience. 

We aim to empower Hong Kong NGOs with the ability to plan, analyse, and execute your digital campaigns to effectively and sustainably communicate with their stakeholders over the long-run. During your digital campaign journey with us, we will spearhead your digital campaign efforts and lead you on the most promising road to arrive at your desired destination, right into your stakeholder’s hearts. 

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a meaningful content piece
  • Producing a campaign brief
  • Making decisions based on data gathering and analysis
  • Planning and executing a long-term digital marketing strategy

The JC Engage Digital Program aims to empower Hong Kong NGOs with essential resources and skills to engage with your audience effectively and amplify your social impact.

Through our program, we will help you translate your organization’s key strategic objectives into a marketing message that you can readily deliver to your audience. Nonprofits need to influence behavior change across many different stakeholders. Leveraging video to tell stories is becoming more important than ever to reach, engage and connect with your target audience in today’s overloaded information world.

Learning Objectives

  • Planning and telling a meaningful story
  • Producing an impactful video
  • Using video stories as part of your NGO strategy
  • Leveraging more stories into your communications campaign

Our impact

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About this NGO

Hong Kong Society for the Blind (HKSB) was established in 1956. It provides a wide range of services for persons with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI), and residential care for the aged blind. HKSB has started their journey with ACS since last year at the Mind Matters event – a Hackathon for Social Impact. In May, HKSB participated in HKJC ENGAGE – Video Storytelling Series and went through a series of training. With their hard work, they were recognized as one of the winners for the video production service.

Visit the website: https://www.hksb.org.hk/

Video Description


Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration (JC ENGAGE) is organized by Asian Charity Services (ACS) and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. We provide experiential workshops, powered by industry professionals and community facilitators, to NGOs’ stuff to upskill their digital marketing capabilities. 

Our program for NGOs is divided into multiple series, including NGO Video Storytelling and NGO Digital Campaign. By joining in our workshops, NGO leaders will learn how to better engage with the audience and transform them into key supporters of your organization’s social cause.