Equipping NGOs to build and implement Digital Marketing Programs!


Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration is the pathway for NGOs to learn and leverage digital tools and techniques to effectively communicate with their stakeholders.


We aim to upskill NGOs' digital marketing capabilities, through a hands-on learning experience, thus enabling more funds & awareness to be raised as well as more volunteers & beneficiaries to be attracted.


Upon successful completion of our training series, participating NGOs may also win the opportunity to have their own video produced by a professional filmmaker.


Why not be one of the NGOs joining our training series. More updates will be available in March. Stay tuned with us!

Our Program

Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration has 4 series, which aim at empowering NGOs digital marketing capabilities and utilizing skilled volunteers’ expertise.

Just click on one of the below series to watch a short informative video and then apply.

Corporate Communication

Available in May 2019

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment

Available in Aug 2019

Beneficiary Outreach

Beneficiary Outreach

Available in Oct 2019

In each series, both NGOs and volunteers progress through 3 phases. After successful completion of each phase, a review will be conducted to determine who will move onto the next phase.

EQUIP session:

Half-day BEGINNER Training

for all NGO teams

BUILD session:

Full-day DEEP DIVE Training

for selected NGO teams

IMPLEMENT session:

7-weeks VIDEO Production services

for the winning NGO teams

As an NGO, our program will help you to……

Raise funding
Share your story
Attract and keep volunteers
Reach more beneficiaries

As a volunteer, our program will enable you to……

Use your expertise to benefit the local community
Learn from leading speakers, fellow professionals and NGO leaders
Expand your horizons and network